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Voice of America radio program on the 30th anniversary of the ODUM Ukrainian Democratic Youth Organization, the Ukrainian artist Oleksa Terziiev, and an award-winning play by the Ukrainian Canadian playwright Ted Galay.

Duration: 00:17:24 Creator: Voice of America Language: Ukrainian

Original VOA labels read "Ukrainian High Mass - National Shrine". Live recording of a Ukrainian Catholic archpastoral Divine Liturgy celebrated by Bishop Joseph Schmondiuk at the National Shrine in Washington, DC. The responses are sung by the combined forces of the Dumka Choir of New York City, and the parish choirs of Bayonne, Elizabeth, and Newark, NJ, all conducted by Ivan Zadorozhnyi.

Запис на живо архиєрейської служби Божої яку правив єп. Йосиф Шмондюк у Націоналні Святині у Вашінгтоні. Співає Хор Думка (Нью Йорк) разом з хорами парафій Бейонн, Елізабет, та Ньюарк, шт. Нью Джерзі під керівництвом Івана Задорожного.

Recording date: 1961-01-22 Duration: 02:03:50 Creator: Voice of America Language: Ukrainian, Church Slavic, English

Content intended for a Radio Liberty program with Mykola Francuzenko (as "Oleksandr Tereshchenko") related to the Holodomor and the Great Terror of the 1930s, including a poem by Bohdan Boichuk and review of an article in "Lysty do pryiateliv".

Duration: 00:09:41 Creator: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Language: Ukrainian

Radio Liberty program produced in New York City hosted by Mykola Francuzenko (as "Oleksandr Tereshchenko") on the commemoration of the Holodomor at the Metropolia Center of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA in South Bound Brook, NJ.

Recording date: 1963 Duration: 00:09:46 Creator: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Language: Ukrainian

Event honoring the 6th anniversary of the founding of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group. Opening remarks, singing of national anthems, speech by General Petro Hryhorenko, statement from Congressional representative, and musical performances by Andrij Dobriansky (bass-baritone), Renata Babak (mezzo-soprano), and Thomas Hrynkiv (piano).

Recording date: 1982-11-08 Duration: 01:30:43 Creator: Maskymjuk, Stefan Language: English, Ukrainian

Radio Liberty program reporting on the 1964 dedication of the monument to Taras Shevchenko in Washington DC. Reporting and interview fragments by Mykola Francuzenko (using the pseudonym Oleksander Tereshchenko), speech fragments, and music clips by the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus. The program concluces with summary of American press coverage of the event.

Recording date: 1964 Duration: 00:28:02 Creator: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Language: Ukrainian

Recording of Dr. Mikhail Shtern at an event in Washington, DC during his tour of Ukrainian American communities in the United States after his release from Soviet prison and arrival in the West. His speech covers a wide variety of topics, including his work treating endemic goiter in the Ukrainian Carpathians, the circumstances of his arrest and trial, and his prognosis for the future of the Soviet Union. It is followed by a question and answer session.

Звукозапис промови доктора Михаїла Штерна у м. Вашінгтоні, підчас його подорожувань по українських осередках США після його звільнення з увязнення та прибуття на захід. Його промова охоплює широкий спектр тем, включаючи його лікування ендемічного зобу в Карпатах, обставини його арешту та судового процесу, а його прогноз щодо майбутнього Радянського Союзу. За ним слідує сесія із запитаннями та відповідями.

Recording date: 1977-10-08 Duration: 01:34:43 Creator: Maskymjuk, Stefan Language: Ukrainian

Live recording of event commemorating the independence of Carpatho-Ukraine. Introduction, poem reading, and speech by Vincent Shandor.

Recording date: 1982-05-08 Duration: 01:01:28 Creator: Maskymjuk, Stefan Language: Ukrainian

Account by Fr. Ihor Hubarzhevs'kyi of his first-hand recollections of his time in Kyiv during the Holodomor.

Duration: 00:10:30 Creator: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Language: Ukrainian

Funeral liturgy for the Ukrainian and Ukrainian American bandurist, conductor, and composer Hryhory Kytasty at St. Andrew Memorial Church in S. Bound Brook, New Jersey.

Recording date: 1984-04-14 Duration: 01:34:09 Creator: Maskymjuk, Stefan Language: Ukrainian

Memorial service and graveside speeches at the funeral of Hryhory Kytasty in St. Andrew Cemetery in S. Bound Brook, New Jersey.

Recording date: 1984-04-14 Duration: 00:47:46 Creator: Maskymjuk, Stefan Language: Ukrainian

Hierarchal Divine Liturgy at St. Mary the Protectress Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral in Southfield (Detroit), Michigan celebrated as part of the 1974 Ukrainian Democratic Youth Association (ODUM) "Zustrich" (convention) in Detroit. The convention was dedicated to the composer and conductor Oleksandr Koshyts, who had died 30 years earlier, and liturgical music included a number of his compositions. Celebrants are Metropolitan Mstyslav (Skrypnyk) and Fr. Nestor Stolarchuk. Music is by the parish choir directed by Ivan Trokhymovych Kytasty. More information about the 1974 ODUM Zustrich can be found in the article "Dorohy vedut' do Detroitu", Moloda Ukraina, November 1974, p. 10-15.

Recording date: 1974-09-01 Duration: 02:06:49 Language: Ukrainian

Ievhen Malaniuk reading his own works, followed by conversation involving unknown individuals.

Recording date: 1963-11-23 Duration: 00:16:04 Creator: Francuzenko, Mykola Language: Ukrainian

Radio Liberty program produced in New York City commemorating the recent death of the Ukrainian poet Maksym Ryl's'kyi. It consists of a historical essay by Iurii Lavrinenko (as "Iurii Haidar"), as well as interviews with poet Vasyl' Barka and actor Iosyp Hirniak.

Recording date: 1964 Duration: 00:29:02 Creator: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Language: Ukrainian

Unedited interview with General Hryhorenko recorded at the VOA studios.

Recording date: 1982-05-11 Duration: 00:16:58 Creator: Voice of America Language: Ukrainian


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