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Interview of Voice of America correspondent Izrail Kleiner by Mykola Francuzenko regarding the Zionist leader Ze'ev Jabotinsky (Volodymyr Zhabotyns'kyi), particularly regarding on views on politics and Jewish-Ukrainian relations.

Duration: 00:19:14 Creator: Voice of America Language: Ukrainian

"Interview" of Izydora Kosach regarding her famous older sister, the writer Lesia Ukrainka. The speaker on the recording, however, is not Izydora Kosach, based on attestations of her living descendents in 2021. The voice is presumably that of an individual reading written responses to submitted questions provided by Izydora Kosach. These responses contain reminiscences, as well as critiques of inaccuracies in Soviet sources on Lesia Ukrainka. This recording was likely made for Radio Liberty, though it is not so identified.

Annotation of this recording was done with the assistance of students at the Department of Ukrainian History at Dnipro National University.

Duration: 00:19:11 Creator: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Language: Ukrainian

Speeches welcoming Leonid Plyushch and his wife Tetiana Zhytnykova by Metropolitan Mstyslav, a representative of the Ukrainian Congress Committee, the vice-president of the Ukrainian Institute of America Ostap Balaban. This is followed by speeches by Leonid Plyushch and his wife.

Recording date: 1976-03-23 Duration: 00:55:30 Creator: Maskymjuk, Stefan Language: Ukrainian

The Voice of America's coverage of the arrival of the Pliushch family in the United States. The playlist on the back of the tape box reads: "1) Плющ в США (3-27/76) 2) Плющ в Менгетен Сентер (3-28/76) 3) Плющ в Ню Йорку (3-29-76) 4) Плющ в Конгресі (3-30-76) 5) Плющ зізнє (в Конгресі) (3-31-76)"

Recording date: 1976-03 Duration: 00:25:20 Creator: Voice of America Language: Ukrainian, English

Recording of a panakhyda (memorial service) for those who perished under the Soviet regime that took place at the Ukrainian Orthodox church in New York City. It begins with an introductory speech by Archbishop Mstyslav, and ends with a station announcement that would have eventually been spliced into the beginning of the broadcast.

Recording date: 1956-06-09 Duration: 01:11:56 Creator: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Language: Ukrainian

Unedited interview of Metropolitan Ioan (Teodorovych) by unknown female interviewer, and commentary by C. Warvariw. Interview covers the coming 50th anniversary of the 1921 Sobor in Kyiv, reminiscences of his arrival in the US, the Ukrainian Orthodox League, and the current state of the Church. The commentary gives more details about the Ukrainian Orthodox League and its 22nd Convention in Philadelphia.

Recording date: 1969 Duration: 00:28:36 Creator: Voice of America Language: Ukrainian

A Mother's Day-themed program by the Voice of America. Includes musical performances by "Khor Pyzhukа Romanova" and the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus, and a talk by "Fr. Myroslavs'kyi" (likely a pseudonym).

Musical selections have been trimmed for copyright reason

Duration: 00:09:59 Creator: Voice of America Language: Ukrainian

Radio Liberty program produced in New York City with a historical essay by Iurii Lavrinenko (as "Iurii Haidar") on the Ukrainian historian Mykhailo Hrushevs'kyi. It also includes an account of a lecture on Hrushevs'kyi by Oleksandr Ohloblin at Columbia University.

Duration: 00:27:50 Creator: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Language: Ukrainian

Mykola Francuzenko reads the 1917 poem "Zolotyi Homin" by the Ukrainian poet Pavlo Tychyna.

Duration: 00:08:21 Creator: Francuzenko, Mykola Language: Ukrainian

Interview of Mykola Shlemkevych by Mykola Francuzenko of Radio Liberty Ukrainian Service regarding the periodical "Lysty do Pryiateliv" ("Letters to Friends") (January 3, 1964, 9 minutes). Readings by Mykola Shlemkevych of two essays from "Lysty do Pryiateliv" titled "Holosy z kraiu" and "Spovid'" in 1957-58 for the "Holos Ukrainy" radio program in Chicago under the direction of Zenon Holubets'.

Recording date: 1957-1958, 1964 Duration: 00:16:24 Creator: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Holos Ukrainy Language: Ukrainian

Live recording of the eulogy by Nadia Svitlychna at the grave of General Petro Grigorenko (1987). This is followed by what appears to be a recorded telephone interview of Lev Kopelev (in Russian) speaking on Vasyl Stus (possibly 1985). Note that the Kopelev interview contains long pauses.

Duration: 00:21:50 Language: Ukrainian, Russian

Radio Liberty program produced in New York City with Mykola Francuzenko (as "Oleksandr Tereshchenko") and Iurii Lavrinenko (as "Iurii Haidar") on the Ukrainian American periodical "Notatky z Mystetstva" ("Notes on Art"), the role of the Ukrainian faction in the pre-Revolution Russian Duma, and jazz and the classics.

Duration: 00:19:41 Creator: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Language: Ukrainian

Concert with musical ensembles affiliated with the Ukrainian Democratic Youth Association (ODUM) at the 1974 ODUM "Zustrich" (convention) in Detroit. It was dedicated to the composer and conductor Oleksandr Koshyts, who had died 30 years earlier. It includes opening remarks by Mykhailo Smyk and performances by Minneapolis ODUM bandura ensemble; the bandura ensemble at the St. Mary Protectress Cathedral in Southfield, Mich.; the Chicago ODUM bandura ensemble; the Vesnianka dance ensemble of Toronto; solos by Valia Hulevych and Halia Haiova; the Fialky vocal ensemble of Detroit; the Chicago ODUM string ensemble; and the ODUM mixed chorus of Chicago. More information about the 1974 ODUM Zustrich can be found in the article "Dorohy vedut' do Detroitu", Moloda Ukraina, November 1974, p. 10-15. The collection also includes an original program booklet from the event.

Recording date: 1974-08-31 Duration: 01:32:10 Language: Ukrainian

Interview of Oksana Drahan, a Ukrainian American graduate student who was doing research in Prague during the 1968 Soviet intervention. The interview covers her research topics and her experiences in Prague.

Recording date: 1968 Duration: 00:07:45 Language: Ukrainian

History, commentary, and literary analysis of the poets Oleksander Oles' and his son Oleh Ol'zhych, along with readings of some of their works.

Duration: 00:26:44 Creator: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Language: Ukrainian


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