Recent donations

April 15, 2012

Keptar (vest). Sheepskin with embroidery. 19th c. Donation of Roman and Cecilia Turovsky.

Beaded dress (detail). 20th c. Donation of Fr. Stephen Repa in memory of his mother, Josephine Evdokia Repa.

We thank the following individuals for their recent generous donations of artwork, textiles, icons, and other artifacts:

  • Wanda Baxer: various embroidered shirts and blouses, given in memory of Christopher Baxer
  • Irene Cehelsky: embroidered rushnyk, ceramics, archival photographs
  • Yuri Lewycki: sculpture of St. Volodymyr by Kapshuchenko
  • Nina Nalywayko-Maystrenko: Levko Maystrenko Ukrainian architecture photograph collection
  • Nicholas Nenadkevich: artifacts from Rivne, Ukraine, ceramics, 18 c. silver pectoral cross
  • Catherine Orenchak: icon collection and other artifacts
  • Rev. Stephen Repa: collection of rushnyky, blouses, pillow cases, and other textiles and artifacts, given in memory of his mother, Josephine Evdokia Repa
  • Roman and Cecilia Turovsky: 19 c. embroidered dress and keptar
  • Nadia Zawadowsky Spencer: painting, embroidered blouse and other textiles, given in memory of parents Stephen & Theadosia Stek Zawadowsky

We gladly accept donations of embroideries, textiles, folk or fine art, historical items, and collections of personal papers or records of Ukrainian-American organizations. We are concerned about the loss of historical memory that happens when documents, letters, and photographs are discarded in an overzealous attempt to “get rid of trash” that “nobody will be interested in”. It is exactly these collections of “ordinary” people that give context to history!