Let’s get to know each other online! - Call for holiday video greetings

December 1, 2020
UHEC fans decorating Christmas tree

Since COVID-19 won’t let us meet in person in 2020 to trim the UHEC Christmas trees and sing carols, we thought we could still share the holiday fun and bring everyone together virtually. We would love to share your video Christmas/Holiday/New Years greetings with the UHEC community during that virtual fundraiser.

Please send us a video clip with your greeting!

It should be no longer than 20 seconds with 2 seconds pause at the beginning and end of your greeting. The deadline is December 12, 2020.

Not sure what to say? Here are some ideas:

  • Your name (first and last, if your comfortable sharing your last name) and where you live.
  • What UHEC virtual events you have participated in?
  • What have you gotten out of the UHEC programs?
  • Your holiday greetings and wishes you want to share with the community.

You can use any device to record your video, though mp4 is preferred. Smartphones, tablets, or computers with a webcam are fine. Once you hit the record button, wait 2 seconds before starting to speak. If possible, look into the camera for those 2 seconds. Do this again at the end, after you are finished but before turning off the recording.

Upload your video to our Dropbox account. You do not need to be registered with Dropbox to upload your video. Just click on the “Add files” button, or drag-and-drop your file into the box.

General Tips

  • You can record a selfie video or have someone help you.
  • Choose a quiet setting. If there is ambient noise, use earbuds or headphones.
  • It will help us if you hold your camera/phone horizontally and try to keep the camera steady while recording.
  • Before beginning to record, check your image. Is your face visible? Make sure you’re not “backlit.” Is your whole face in the screen? Is your forehead or chin cut off?
  • People tend to be more photogenic if the camera angle is either at eye level or slightly above. If using a phone or tablet in your hands, be sure to hold it above your eyes. Looking into the camera lens while you say your greeting creates a sense of connection with the audience.
  • Please speak clearly and slowly to make sure we can understand you.

Thank you for your participation, and have a wonderful holiday season!