Lecture by Prof. Mezentsev on Cossak-era Ukraine

February 18, 2013

In what is becoming an annual tradition, Prof. Mezentsev of the University of Toronto returned this past Sunday to provide an update on his team's archeological studies of the 17th-18th century Cossak-era capitol of Baturyn.

While funding from the Ukrainian government has become limited given the current political climate, archeological excavations continue nonetheless, and have uncovered much new material. These include the foundations and architectural elements from churches and other buildings, as well as personal items and weapons. Human remains from the destruction of Baturyn by the Russian army have also been found, and these are yielding valuable evidence for physical anthropologists.

Prof. Mezentsev provided some amazing examples of artwork that illustrates the influence of Ivan Mazepa in introducing Western European Renaissance and Baroque artistic forms into Ukrainian visual arts and crafts.

Stay tuned for online video excerpts of his talk!