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00:00:00 - Nationalities Days at the 1964 World's Fair 00:00:33 - Ukrainian nationality day 00:01:17 - Description of the first concert 00:03:06 - Description of the second concert 00:03:25 - Interview with Roman Legedza (member of Ukrainian Dumka Chorus) 00:03:56 - In addition to teaching at an institution of higher education, you also sing with the Dumka Chorus? 00:04:16 - Who founded this choir? 00:05:09 - Where and when have been the latest concerts of the Dumka Chorus? 00:05:45 - What was the meaning of the Ukrainian Day for visitors of the Fair and for Ukrainian Americans? 00:06:25 - Interview with Vadym Sulyma (director of the unified dance ensembles) 00:07:00 - How did you manage to prepare such a brilliant performance? 00:07:46 - Who are these young amateur dancers? 00:08:05 - But we also saw children in the performance. 00:08:28 - What are your plans for the future?