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00:00:00 - Introduction 00:00:39 - Recollections of life in Kyiv in 1933 00:01:16 - Categories of staff members at the Academy of Sciences

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Partial Transcript: Staff was divided into four categories: 1) Communists, who were the directors and supervisors (and had full access to food and clothing), 2) Academics (received academic rations), 3) Scholarly workers (received 600 g of bread), 4) employees and service staff (no privileges and 200 g bread)

00:03:51 - Deputy commissar Andrii Khvylia

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Partial Transcript: In order to prove his loyalty to Stalin, Andrii Khvylia published a book "Destroying the Roots of Ukrainian Nationalism on the Linguistic Front!"

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00:05:47 - Attitudes of academics to the mass death of Ukrainian peasantry 00:07:02 - "Commercial bread"

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Partial Transcript: Bread was sold to city residents at high price, which lead to the name "commercial bread".

00:08:01 - Visit by French Prime Minister Édouard Herriot to Ukraine

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Segment Synopsis: Due to the arrival of French Prime Minister Herriot, Kyiv changed its appearance: there were no peasants on the outskirts of the city, and it was forbidden to form queues.