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00:00:02 - Introduction and summary of previous broadcasts. 00:03:22 - Description of the Youth Festival at the Washington Coliseum. 00:07:13 - Description of gala concert at Constitution Hall. 00:08:53 - Description of post-dedication banquet at the National Guard Armory Hall. 00:10:01 - Excerpt of speech by Rep. Ray Madden (D-Indiana). 00:10:54 - Excerpt of speech by Dr. Vasyl' Kushnir (Ukrainian Canadian Committee). 00:12:01 - Excerpt of speech by Rep. Barratt O'Hara (D-Illinois). 00:13:51 - Excerpt of speech by Rep. August E. Johansen (R-Michigan). 00:15:40 - Excerpt of speech by Mykola Livyts'kyi (UNR in Exile). 00:16:47 - Continuation of description of the festivities. 00:17:33 - Interviews with participants, including Iar Slavutych, Orest Buiniak, Volodymyr Biliaiv, and Iaroslava Korbutiak. 00:20:25 - Excerpts of interviews of Hollywood actors Jack Palance and Mike Mazurki. 00:21:30 - Jack Palance reading the Shevchenko poem "Meni odnakovo" ("I care not") in Ukrainian and in English translation during the banquet program. 00:23:52 - Excerpt of conversation with Mike Mazurki. 00:24:29 - Description of the conclusion of the program.