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00:00:17 - Introduction by Mykola Francuzenko 00:02:24 - When did you first feel the desire to dance professionally? 00:05:08 - When did you feel that you had your greatest achievement? 00:08:22 - Do you stay in touch with your friends in L'viv or Kyiv? 00:08:45 - What are your near-term plans, say, to the end of this season and beyond? 00:10:23 - Her dream of a bigger production in two years at Lincoln Center. 00:11:39 - How many generations of students have you taught? 00:12:27 - Do any of your students dance professionally? 00:14:07 - Do you know Vira Vovk? 00:15:29 - Did you visit Brazil for an extended time? 00:15:58 - Do you have grandchildren yet? 00:16:20 - What are your plans for the more distant future? 00:17:27 - Positive reactions of children and parents 00:18:05 - You seem to never rest! 00:19:36 - You don't just teach dance, but introduce it into your own distinctive dramatic fantasy 00:20:31 - Francuzenko explains why he was unable to attend last year's performance due to health reasons 00:21:24 - Francuzenko talks about his love of ballet 00:23:09 - All of the arts must begin from the classics 00:23:51 - There is nothing better than to work on improving your own body. Discussion about Les' Kurbas. 00:25:08 - Les' Kurbas and Russian cultural imperialism 00:26:14 - Conclusion of interview 00:26:55 - Regarding Vasyl' Barka