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00:00:00 - Introduction and "Zapovit" by the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus 00:01:57 - History of the construction of the monument 00:03:34 - Excerpt of speech by Dwight Eisenhower 00:05:05 - Description of the march from the Washington Monument to the Shevchenko Monument 00:05:57 - Conversation with participants from Toronto 00:07:14 - Conversations with members of the Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organization and the ODUM Ukrainian Democratic Youth Organization 00:08:06 - Conversation with members of the Ukrainian Youth Association 00:08:51 - Conversations at the site of the Shevchenko Monument 00:09:06 - Conversation with Volodymyr Dushnyk 00:09:32 - Conversation with motion picture camera operator Iurii Tamars'kyi 00:10:00 - Conversation with Oksana Savchur from Uruguay 00:10:16 - Conversation with the monument's sculptor Leonid Molodozhanyn and architect Radoslav Zhuk 00:11:08 - Conversation with Iaroslav Rudnyts'kyi 00:11:58 - The large numbers of youth at the dedication 00:13:32 - Description of the monument unveiling 00:14:26 - Ending of invocation by Metropolitan Ambrose Senyshyn 00:15:02 - Excerpt of speech by Roman Smal'-Stots'kyi 00:16:40 - Excerpt of speech by Dwight Eisenhower at the unveiling 00:17:54 - Lev Dobrians'kyi requests Eisenhower to unveil the monument 00:19:50 - Description of the conclusion of the unveiling ceremony 00:20:46 - Excerpt of benediction by Metropolitan Ioan Teodorovych 00:22:42 - Summary of American press coverage of the Shevchenko Monument dedication