Touring Europe

Ukrainian National Chorus, Prague

Ukrainian National Chorus, Prague, undated photograph, circa 1920.

The Chorus began its tour in Czechoslovakia in 1919, which is when this photograph may have been taken. From there, they continued on to all of the major cultural centers of western Europe, including Swizerland, France, Belgium, Holland, England, and Spain.


Ukrainian National Chorus, Berlin

Oleksander Koshyts' conducting the Ukrainian National Chorus, undated and unlabeled photograph, circa 1920.

By 1920, however, the Chorus' patron Symon Petliura was in Poland pursuing an ultimately unsucessful last-ditch military operation against the Bolsheviks. The Chorus, therefore, was now in the peculiar position of being cultural ambassadors for a nation-state that no longer existed. They continued on, however, ultimately crossing the Atlantic to North America.

Ukrainian National Chorus, Barcelona

The Ukrainian National Chorus, Barcelona, January 1921.