Stefan Maksymjuk audio recordings


This collection is not processed, and is not yet directly accessible to researchers. 

Stefan Maksymjuk worked for the Voice of America, has been a recordist of Ukrainian American events, speeches, interviews, concerts, and other community function, as well as a serious, long-time collector of early Ukrainian phonograph recordings. His collection includes more than 200 1/4" open reel tapes, 800+ cassettes, more than 1,000 78 rpm shellac discs (including American and European releases of Ukrainian music and classical recordings by Ukrainian artists), and thousands of microgroove 33 rpm discs of Ukrainian music, spoken word, and performances of Ukrainian classical musicians and composers). The audio tape holdings contain copies of recordings made by or for the Ukrainian service of the Voice of America, as well as many recordings of speeches and events involving Ukrainian dissidents recently arrived from the Soviet Union in the late 1970s and 1980s.

Given the nature of the collection, we are digitizing the audio materials as they are being processed. A formal finding aid will appear here when the arrangement and description of the full collection is complete. Currently accessible digitized content is available here.