Fee schedule


Any reproduction of material in the archival collections of the Ukrainian Historical and Educational Center is at the discretion of the archive staff. Center staff will handle all reproduction work, and may restrict the quantity or types of material that can be reproduced.

Paper copies

  • $0.75 per page, with a minimum charge of $15 for requests of 20 pages or less, plus postage (if applicable).

Digital reproductions

  • Low resolution JPEG: $8 per image or page.
  • Publication-quality high-resolution TIFF: $25 per image or page.
  • Delivery by mail on CD or DVD-ROM: $5.
  • Electronic delivery: no charge.

Please note that a digital reproduction includes only an image of the item or page that has not had any optical character recognition performed on it, and therefore does not contain any computer-searchable text. Center staff cannot provide any OCR or transcription services.

Also note that these fees are for reproduction services only, and does not include permission to publish. Publication permission for images of items in the Center's collections may be granted under the Center’s Use Policy and may require an additional fee which depends on the type of material, the publication or broadcast medium, and the commercial/non-commercial nature of the request. Publication of limited quotations from or summaries of the content of archival materials does not require permission, but does require proper citation.

Research Services

If you are unable to come to the Center in person, the archive staff may be able to provide limited research services (depending on their schedule and availability) for a fee of $50 for the first hour and $20 for each additional half hour (in addition to any fees for paper or digital reproductions). Please contact the archival staff (archives@UkrHEC.org) to discuss your needs and to check availability.

Translation Services

Due to staff time limitations, we unfortunately cannot provide translation services for the many non-English holdings in our collections.